“As a mentor I’ve always been looked upon for words of encouragement.
As a result, I’ve adopted sisters of all ages from across the globe.
I find inspiration in inspiring others and I’m all about female empowerment.
This led me to create Arthel Neville Design™,
an accessories collection adorned with my original quotes.”


 Arthel Neville is not only a wordsmith by training,
but as a mentor she has always been looked upon for her words of advice.
Throughout her television career Arthel has broken down barriers and created her own path.
Her personal mantra became “Who said I couldn’t do it?”™ 
These words of affirmation made it onto her new accessories collection,
as they serve as a personal reminder of proud accomplishments and doors
Arthel dares to continue to open. By accessorizing with Arthel Neville Design™,
she wishes her original quotes will encourage and inspire ‘girls’ of all stripes.


The theme of trailblazing has followed Arthel repeatedly in her career.
She was the first African American female in the national entertainment space.
Before the ubiquitous celebrity interview,
producing and hosting her own show on E! - Arthel interviewed Hollywood’s A-list
and became the nation’s first high profile African American female entertainment reporter.

Arthel went on to launch Extra, making her the first African American female
to front a nationally syndicated entertainment news show.
She brought her yet-to-be-seen vivacious, engaging, easy, witty
and smart style to millions of viewers nightly.
Arthel then set her sights on cable news. CNN’s CEO Walter Isaacson personally hired Arthel to host Talkback Live with Arthel Neville, making her the first African American female to host a signature show on the iconic network.​
Arthel then joined Fox News Channel where she is currently weekend anchor.​
After taking a popular Los Angeles-based morning show to a national audience, 
launching and driving another local So-Cal morning show to #1,
she decided to get back to her news roots.
Arthel returned to the Fox News Channel in New York as the weekend anchor on the cable
news giant; covering breaking news, world headlines, politics, and interviewing newsmakers.



 As Arthel takes on the role of designer,
she hopes her accessories line will speak to you and allow you to send a message
about yourself to others. Arthel Neville Design™ - an accessories collection
that lets us get carried away with words.

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